South Intensive Project (SIP)

What is South Intensive Project (SIP)?

ONLINE-FRA-Stages-pertinents-pour-le-SudA South Intensive Programme (SIP) is a short and intensive study programme that connects students and teachers from Flemish Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institution in the Global South. A SIP aims to force students and teachers to cooperate on a development relevant topic in the Global South. Since a SIP is part of their curricula, students are receiving credits for participating in the SIP. A Sip aims:

  1. Connecting students with practices in the Global South and raise awareness.
  2. An inter-and multidisciplinary approach
  3. Establishment of Sustainable partnerships between Flemish HEI and international HEI.
  4. Development of relevant content and learning outcomes.
  5. Innovative methodology and approach
  6. Identifying future topics for project proposals.

South Intensive Project (SIP) Countries by continent