XREIin Dementia care in Morocco EhB

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PartnerUniversité Mohamed V in Rabat
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XREIin Dementia care in Morocco EhB

In November ’18 Erasmus University College hosted prof. dr. Maria dr. Maria Benabdeljlil from the Université Mohamed V in Rabat in framework of the Global Minds Programme -XREI. Prof. Benabdeljlil visited the Faculty of Nursing and Social Work of the Erasmus University College.

The general theme of this exchange was dementia care for older Moroccan people in Rabat and in Brussels.

Erasmus University College has the lead in a research project, DiversElderlyCare, a project about dementia and dementia-care in older adults with a migration background. In the frame of this research project, a researcher Saloua Berdai-Chaouni went to Morocco in November 2017.

The contact that she had with prof. Benabdeljlil in November 2017 in Morocco led to a visit of prof. Benabdeljlil to Brussels in November 2018.

During this week, we organised several study visits to innovative care organisations in Flanders en Brussels. We saw that we have a lot of similar challenges that we face in the future in the field of dementia care. This exchange helped us having more clear insights on local needs.

To end the visit, we organised an evening conference about the theme of Dementia Diagnostics with a migration background. With speakers from Brussels, Rotterdam and Rabat, more than 80 participants of the conference learned the latest insights on dementia diagnostics in several target groups. The international speakers had the possibility to exchange good practices and will keep contact to work together in the future.