XREIout preparation of a South intensive Project in Cambodia

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XREIout preparation of a South intensive Project in Cambodia

This SI-project supports educational innovation in the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) by developing and implementing a blended course. The curriculum is based upon the principles of design-based research. The faculty of Education is the necessary catalyst for innovation and education quality in the RUPP. A multidisciplinary group of 30 teacher trainers/educators from the RUPP will gain professional experience through their enrolment and active participation in the development, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and continuation of the course. The main objective is the strengthening of the participants’ research skills by applying them to curricular challenges and classroom practices. This course development is conducted in co-creation with all stakeholders (coordination north and south, 30 participants). The new methodology will be implemented in the RUPP but will also inspire within the ASEAN economic community and other Cambodian and Flemish teacher training institutes (universities and institutes) by organizing several dissemination actions in order to adopt the course.


To prepare this SI-project the project member (Anniek Orye) travelled to Cambodia in October 2017. The first crucial goal was to know the Cambodian educational system and the RUPP better. PXL Education connected with the faculty of Education and got to know the local project worker (Socheath Mam). The first day we set up meetings with the management team the principal and the international office. Additionally, we discussed in depth the progress of reforming the teacher development in Cambodia (1979 till 2030). Concerning the project set-up, we explored different strategies focused on informing and integrating the different Teacher Design Teams (TDTs). The preparation of these strategies was a second important goal of this visit. In this North-South cooperation the project members also attended classes within the Faculty of Development, Science and Language, Engineering and Education. Besides the SI-research project, PXL and RUPP will set-up exchange modalities aimed at establishing an international internship. With the international office we designed a framework for PXL-students and set-up a Cooperation Agreement between PXL and RUPP. In the second semester of 2019 the first PXL-students (primary education) will perform their international internship facilitated by RUPP. During the complete stay within the Global Minds visit, the project member connected through Skype with the project coordinator (Wouter Hustinx) for feedback and discussed e.g. the criteria for selecting the TDTs-members. Within our SI-project all TDTs-members will receive a tablet to design and implement educational innovation. During the second day we designed an agreement about the sustainable use of these tablets. In the afternoon the project member had the opportunity to assist classes at the Institute of Foreign Languages. The following days all North-South members involved in the SI-research, prepared for desk-research through articles about research of importance to the Cambodian educational context by RUPP. On Friday we visited VVOB Cambodia and discussed several topics such as a possible cooperation between PXL Education and VVOB Cambodia. During the weekend the project member gave a guest lecture for students of the RUPP teacher education programme and we have had an exchange with Gail Dickinson (EWHA Texas University) about an ongoing research project aimed at a learner centred teaching environment. This first visit was an important step in getting to know the involved stakeholders and engage in a sustainable North-South work relation and partnership.

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