Inspirational Framework
‘Global Engagement in Higher Education’

Download here the inspirational Framework: Global Engagement in Higher Education. This ‘inspirational framework for global engagement in higher education’ aims to encourage discussion and reflection within higher education concrete action can be taken at the various levels of the higher education institutions; guided by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Download is available in 2 languages:
NL: “Globaal engagement in hoger onderwijs – Een inspirerend kader”
EN: “Global engagement in Higher Education – An Inspirational Framework”

Meaningful North-South Student Mobility

In this framework, we are presenting 9 concrete principles for student mobilities. We were aiming for a general engagement where each Higher Education Institution can put its own accents and meet the specific challenges for each class.

Downloads are available in 4 different languages:
NL: “Relevante Stages voor het Globale Zuiden”
FR: “Stages Pertinents pour le Sud”
EN: “Meaningful North-South Student Mobility”
SP: “Pasantías Norte-Sur con relevancia para el- Sur Global”